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'He who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.' —  Revelation 12:9


Ensnared in a fairytale of his own making, a pious and mysterious wanderer who calls himself ‘Jude’, is forced to confront the depths of his own darkness as he dances upon the precipice of dreams and reality. In 'Hell', Jude will come to learn that it is only through his own painful metamorphosis, that he can ever hope to find the path to salvation.


Embracing the true spirit of independent filmmaking,  Sweet Brother explores our waking nightmares, the limits of religious dogma, and the glitches in our matrixes of perception.

The film features a cross-pollination of references that shape our inner-landscape - from the Biblical to the mythological; and from ancient art to pop culture.

The film stars Orlando Brooke and Sophie Brooke, with a large ensemble cast that features:

Henry Garrett, Tereza Srbova, Merryl Ansah, Peter McPherson, Maya Markelle, Anarosa Butler,

Lisa Moorish, Luke Ireland, Joshua Parris, Stefania Licari, Gem Carmella, Chloe Keenan,

Alex Guersman, Charlie MacGechan, Daisy Clarke, Joe Hughes, Jon Campling, Jarry Glavin,

Natasha Benton, Ana Tore, Charlene Griffith, Kane Surry, Jane Paul-Gets, Rajneet Sidhu,

Elliot Rogers, Rocci Williams, Yan Toby-Amisi, Luke Callan, Penelope Granycome, Alex Childs, Nick Croft-Simon, Aidan O'Callaghan, Amethyste Mangangu, Tudor Baron, Joanna Lukowicz,

Sarah Hosford, Mily Iran, Dominic Lyne, Jason Ford, Sven Maertens, Polly Fey with Carol Walton

and Raffiella Chapman.


Viewer discretion advised for both (images of violence and nudity

The journey so far (at least, in a nutshell)

What began as a writing exercise during the second British lockdown of 2020 quickly grew into something of a passion project. As a patchwork of dreams, the fragmented narrative of the film is a pretext for ideas and reflections on several topics, including theology and mythology, temptation and desire, the philosophy of personal identity, and the cruelty of nature.


A crowdfunding campaign was launched on Good Friday 2021, successfully raising (and surpassing) the target budget, with support from both outside and within the film industry, including John Cameron Mitchell, Stephen Fry, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Martin Sherman, Emilia di Girolamo, Dan Hubbard, and Rose McGowan.

Thank you to every generous soul who has backed or supported the film, which will (all elements permitting) be completed before Spring 2024.

You can follow the progress either here, or on the film's Instagram or Facebook.

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