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Happy Thoughts (2014)


Evoking the ghosts of a classic tale, a pair of adversaries are brought back together in the wake of a disaster. Happy Thoughts is an experimental re-imagining of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan.


Running Time: 14 mins
Format: HD

Cast: Maya Markelle, Henry Garrett, Gintare Parulyte

Director, Editor: Layke AndersonWriters: Ryan Child, Layke Anderson
Cinematographer: Jean-Paul Berthoin
Production Design: Layke Anderson

Sound Design: Iris Jenkins
Producers: Layke Anderson, Jean-Paul Berthoin

Distributor: Shorts International



‘What Layke Anderson has done, with his thrilling and evocative short Happy Thoughts is give the Peter Pan cannon a visceral and powerful modern era tone that transcends eras...

An enthralling short that captures both the innocence and the maturity of growth. Spliced with quotes and moments from the original story, this re-imagining is strong and hits a vein of emotion that simmers with sheltered love and a mind encased in tragedy...


Both intelligent and beautiful, soaring with an absorbing score by Tom Green and gorgeous cinematography...


Happy Thoughts is a stunning piece of short cinema with compelling centric performances to bring new life into classic characters.'

Cinema Chords, November 2014



Grand OFF World Independent Film Awards (Poland) - Winner of Best Editing

Tirana International Film Festival (Albania) - Winner of Best Experimental Audience Award

International Euro Film Festival (Spain) - Winner of Best Drama

Hot Shorts Film Festival (UK) - Winner of Best Costume

Underwire Film Festival (UK) - Nominated for Best Sound Design

Bornshorts Film Festival (Denmark) - Nominated for Best Experimental Film

San Francisco International Festival of Short Films (US) - Nominee

Open Cinema International Short Film Festival (Russia) - Nominee

Isle of Wight Film Festival (UK) - Nominee

Norwich Radical Film Festival (UK) - Official Selection

Southeastern International Film Festival (US) - Official Selection

First Annual Lee Strasberg Alumni Film Festival (US) - Official Selection

The Shortest Nights (UK) - Official Selection

Portobello Film Festival (UK) - Official Selection

Västerås Film Festival (Sweden) - Official Selection

Shorts on Tap (UK & Japan) - Official Selection

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