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'Epic in its ambition, this is a big scale idea executed perfectly on a small scale. Polished with a Gravity-esque veneer, the film’s small budget has been no barrier in producing an excellent slice of science fiction... The very best sci-fi finds the balance of humanity within the vastness of the universe, which is exactly what Mankind manages. An excellent short.'

The Pink Lens

'Swirling visual artistry... Beautifully assembled.'

Shadows on the Wall

'Seriously atmospheric... wildly thought-provoking.'


'Stunningly original.'


'An immaculate and compelling short... Kudos to Anderson for both the high production values of his micro budget short but also for giving such a positive air of authenticity to this wonderful slice of his imagination.'

Queer Guru

'The film figures its couple’s divergent wishes, attitudes, and ideas about their futures as a literally cosmic schism, weaving their emotional journey through Malickian montage.'


'Enigmatic, kaleidoscopic... The brilliance is in how it keeps the details vague... There are no easy answers to be found, but there’s a lot to ponder.'

The Queer Review

'Opening with a hedonistic rave that looks like it’s shot by Gaspar Noé… Mankind tackles complex questions… keeping proceedings swift and effective.'

Culture Fix

'An intense character study that doesn’t let go from the start, led by some really strong performances.'

Director's Notes

'I loved the experimental form, the visual and aural sensibility and above all, the queering of science fiction into something tangible and emotional.'

Wash Westmoreland

'That Anderson can say so much, so subtly, in so short a space of time is proof, once again, that he is one of the most interesting film makers working today.'

Flick Feast

Mankind (2019) 


Will is restless. He loves Evan, but it is not in his nature to settle, and when he has a shot at the adventure of a lifetime, he’s prepared to leave love and the Earth behind. Mankind is a short film that reflects on the idea of human beings as explorers by nature, and on the consequences of standing still for too long.


Running Time: 13 mins
Format: HD

Cast: Ricky Nixon and Alexis Gregory

Director, Editor: Layke Anderson

Writers: Layke Anderson, Ryan Child

Cinematographer: Alejandro Sesma
Camera Operators: Adrian Ardelean, Jean-Paul Berthoin

Sound: Iris Jenkins, Artur Strakhov, Olga Molchanova Reed

Music: Theo Bedoucha, Chris Weeks, David Bickley, Tom Green

Producer: Layke Anderson

Executive Producer: Stephen Fry



BFI Flare: London LGBTQ+ Film Festival [UK] - Official Selection

Raindance Film Festival [UK] - Official Selection

Oaxaca Film Festival [Mexico] - Official Selection (New Industry)

Roze Filmdagen LGBTQ+ Film Festival [Netherlands] - Official Selection

Philadelphia International LGBTQ+ Film Festival [USA] - Official Selection

Wicked Queer: Boston LGBTQ+ Film Festival [USA] - Official Selection

FilmOut San Diego [USA] - Winner: Best Short Film [Male]

Malmö LGBTQ+ Short Film Festival [Sweden] - Official Selection

Korea Queer Film Festival [Republic of Korea] - Official Selection

Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival [India] - Official Selection

OutWest Film Fest [USA] - Official Selection

Tel Aviv Film Club Pride Film Festival [Israel] - Winner: Best Director 

Antwerp Queer Arts Festival [Belgium] - Official Selection 

The Shortest Nights Film Festival [UK] - Official Selection

Reeling: Chicago LGBT Film Festival [USA] - Official Selection

Durban Gay and Lesbian Film Festival [South Africa] - Official Selection

KinoFilm: Manchester Short Film Festival [UK] - Official Selection

The Palace International Film Festival [UK] - Official Selection

Reelout Queer Film Festival [Canada] - Official Selection

All Genders, Lifestyles & Identities Film Festival [USA] - Official Selection

Vision Feast Film Festival [New Zealand] - Official Selection

Festival MIX Milano [Italy] - Official Selection

Lovers Film Festival - Torino LGBTQI Visions [Italy] - Official Selection

The film is now available on the Boys on Film Vol. 20 compilation, available on DVD and On Demand.

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