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Epilogue (2017)


A portrait of a woman following a single act of violence. 

Filmed in a single, continuous take, and partly inspired by Roald Dahl's short story Lamb to the Slaughter, the film touches on the theme of reactive abuse and explores the basic primal instinct of survival, while blurring lines between a victim and her abuser.


Running Time: 7 mins
Format: HD

Cast: Lisa Moorish

Writer, Producer, Director, Editor: Layke Anderson
Director of Photography: Jean-Paul Berthoin

Camera Operator: Adrian Ardelean 

Sound Design: Iris Jenkins

Composer: Justine Barker



'Dark, deliberately paced and technically accomplished... It takes a great deal of confidence to direct a film such as this, to trust in performance and the power of dialogue. Anderson, however, is more than up to the task, his script essentially a talking head monologue, without the hindrance of moving lips. It’s a confessional, both deeply personal, and surprisingly moving...


Films such as these are becoming disturbingly relevant, it would seem. Anderson’s film is coming at a prescient time, when women around the world are standing up to be counted... Art, it would seem, can often get to the heart of matters. In Anderson’s film, one six minute shot manages to say more than many mainstream pictures of three hours.'

Chris Watt for FlickFeast


East End Film Festival [UK] - Official Selection

BAFTA Cymru Qualifying Carmarthen Bay Film Festival [UK] - Official Selection 

One Shot Movie Competition [UK] - Official Selection 

One Shot Terrassa City of Film Festival [Spain] - Official Selection

One Take Film Festival [Croatia] - Official Selection

Misty Moon International Film Festival [UK] - Official Selection

Crystal Palace International Film Festival [UK] - Official Selection

Making Waves International Film Festival [UK]- Nominated for Best Short

Weihnachtsilmfestival [Germany] - Nominated for Best Christmas Film

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