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‘Beautifully composed with unfussy style, Layke Anderson creates an ethereal, dream-like world within Dylan’s four walls and the small room is transformed into a seemingly limitless space, with every detail of its natural beauty examined and investigated  with a steady and unhurried hand. It is the story of a mother patiently seeking to recall and relive every detail of the space and the life it held, told with beautiful detail. Joanna Scanlan gives a heartbreaking and skillfully understated performance, liberated by the time granted to the mother in a time of intimate isolation.’ - British Independent Film Awards


‘Uncomfortably realistic... poignantly honest.’ - Art Wednesday 

‘An extraordinary story of grief transformed into an active form of love and remembrance, Dylan’s Room sees a British mother lingering in her recently deceased son’s bedroom in a single-location symphony.’
- Atlantic Film Festival


'Directed in a heartfelt manner, and beautifully filmed with exquisite acting.' - Hard Magazine

‘This film is hugely complex in its narrative. It’s a gripping story about loss and grief, set in a bedroom. The cinematography captures the essence of the person’s bedroom, with long shots on objects, and using this as a narrative devise, we come to understand the emotional elements of the film. It’s a beautiful piece of work.’
- Aesthetica Short Film Festival

'There isn’t a false note here, particularly in the performances. The film is a two-hander, with Joanna Scanlan stunning, in the kind of part she gets all too rarely.' - Watch This Space


'A poignant meditation on a mother’s grief with a stellar performance from Joanna Scanlan.' -

‘Tender drama about a mother dealing with the loss of her son which, despite such a sad topic manages to overflow with warmth.

This genuine moment between a mother and son moved the jury. Nothing felt forced in this film. There was no big drama or revelation, just two people who were going to miss each other. The production design was fantastic with Dylan’s actual room giving us more and more as the film played out.’ - Leeds International Film Festival


' A great chamber piece, director Layke Anderson’s use of wide angles and judicious close ups is extremely effective. In addition, both Scanlan and Ricky Nixon are incredibly engaging – Scanlan slipping into the role with apparent effortlessness. A poignant and understated short, this film is all the more remarkable given the running time of 20 minutes. Despite being one of the least obvious in terms of its drama and characters, it remained one of the most engaging for the slightly longer running time.’

- Take One 


‘Audaciously explores the complexity of parental feelings with the ability to elegantly blend objective and subjective reality.’
- Tirana International Film Festival



Dylan's Room (2012)


In her son's deserted bedroom, a grieving mother rummages through drawers, makes discoveries and confronts the past.


Running Time: 20 mins
Format: HD

Cast: Joanna Scanlan, Ricky Nixon

Writer, Director: Layke Anderson
Editor: Layke Anderson, Alejandro Sesma
Cinematographer: Jean-Paul Berthoin
Production Design: Layke Anderson

Sound Recording: Jeremy Lishman

Music: David Bickley, Tom Green, Desert of Hiatus
Producers: Layke Anderson, Jean-Paul Berthoin, Maggie Russell

Distributor: Shorts International




British Independent Film Awards - Nominated for Best British Short

World Premiere - Newport Beach Film Festival (US) - Nominated for Best International Short

Festival de Cannes (France) - Court Métrage

Golden Lion Film Festival (Swaziland) - Official Selection

Edinburgh International Short Film Festival (UK) - Official Selection

In the Palace International Short Film Festival (Bulgaria) - Official Selection

Isle of Wight Film Festival (UK) - Winner of Best Drama

San Francisco International Festival of Short Films (US) - Official Selection

Cambridge Film Festival (UK) - Audience Award Winner for Best Short Film

Salento International Film Festival (Italy) - Official Selection

Atlantic Film Festival (Canada) - Official Selection

Raindance Film Festival (UK) - Official Selection

Shnit International Short Film Festival (Switzerland, Argentina, Germany, Singapore, South Africa, Austria, Costa Rica, Egypt, Nigeria, USA) - Official Selection

Festival International du Court Métrage de Lille (France) - Official Selection

Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival (UK) - Highly Commended for Best Drama

Aesthetica Short Film Festival (UK) - Winner of Best Drama

Cornwall Film Festival (UK) - Official Selection

Leeds International Film Festival (UK) - Special Mention

The Loft Film Fest (US) - Official Selection

Underwire Film Festival (UK) - XX Award Nominee

Tirana International Film Festival (Albania) - Media Award Winner

London Short Film Festival (UK) - Nominated: Best Female Character

Glasgow Short Film Festival (UK) - Nominated: Bill Douglas Award

Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen (Netherlands) - Official Selection

Insight Film Festival (UK) - Official Selection

Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany) - Official Selection

International Film Festival Emden Norderney (Germany) - Nominated for Youth Award

Palm Springs International Short Film Festival (US) - Nominated for Best International Short

Open Cinema International Short and Animation Film Festival (Russia)

Van D'Or Independent Film Awards (UK) - Winner of Best Drama

Badalona Filmets International Short Film Festival (Spain) - Official Selection

Northern Wave International Film Festival (Iceland) - Official Selection

The film screened on Virgin Atlantic airlines (February - April 2016) and Shorts TV (August 2017).

It is available to purchase on iTunesAmazon, Google Play, Youtube, and IndieFlix.




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